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 Here at we are trying to do things a bit differently in the way you find out the happenings in your own small part of the world, that's Newry.

Anyway we are always more than happy to tell the rest of the world what a fantastic place we live in, what potential Newry has and if we need to scream about our residents successes from the rooftop we will certainly do that as much as is humanly possible (In a dignified way of course) Also it's great to keep everyone up to date with what events are taking place from week to week.

We should point out that we will NEVER EVER charge anyone or any business for publishing information about their successes and no story or article is put on the site on the condition of payment or kept of the site through lack of payment (Only exception are Business Profiles (See below) and they are obviously a promotional tool for the businesses concerned!)

One week it's Oktoberfest we are highlighting, another week jobs at Autoline, another week the success of the Cycle Recycle enterprise. Next week it could be you - that's if you direct the information our way!

We are bursting with ideas for other options on the site but for us to spend even more time on the website i.e. 30 hours a day! we need to help it pay it's way.

We have over 10,000 Facebook fans and over 3600 Twitter ones. is owned and managed by local photographer and Web Designer Columba O'Hare.

The site started out as and the original site was launched in 2003. covers the geographical area within a Ten Mile Radius of Newry City. covers the geographical area within a Ten Mile Radius of Newry City.

Columba is passionate about Newry and the potential for our city and with others has started a campaign called “Newry 2020 – a vision for our City's future” The campaign is to encourage debate and ultimately action to help put Newry properly on the map as a vibrant and happening city that we can be really proud of and a destination where tourists have so much to do, that they want to stay longer. provides a free platform for the local community and businesses to get their message across. Whether it is an unusual hobby, an important achievement, a charity campaign you are launching or a multitude of other things we want to hear from you.  

If your business is in the news, has just succeeded with major export or won a manufacturers award or has an amazing employee, again we want to hear from you. can be contacted:  

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