Day Five of the Plastic Challenge and it's getting more difficult by the day. Didn't count the past two days as the sum total of purchases was a newspaper and a tube of toothpaste, unfortunately plastic!

Today it was Milk, Fresh Cream, Bread, Spaghetti, peppers and Salmon steaks and also had to leave a pair of trousers to the Dry Cleaners.

Suitably packed in a plastic bag, (and yes it's one we have used many times) we headed to Elite Cleaners in Hill Street and we are assured that we won't be getting any additional plastic covering when we pick them up.

A lovely baguette from Lidl. Maybe we didn't even need the paper bag!
A lovely baguette from Lidl. Maybe we didn't even need the paper bag!

Supervalu was the location once again for the groceries and while the milk came in a tetra pack carton with a plastic spout, same as the one we got last week, the cream was impossible to get without plastic so we had to bite the bullet and buy it. At least it's the same recyclable plastic as the Milk Bottles.

Peppers were fine as was a bread baguette from Lidl just in a pure paper bag.

Spaghetti unfortunately was another item impossible to buy without plastic wrapping so we had to add to our small mound of plastic once again.

Who would have thought it would be difficult to get a couple of Salmon steaks on a Monday!  Supervalu don't do the fish thing on a Monday and after trying Lidl we just gave up as frozen steaks were the only ones available and with all that plastic around them, they just didn't seem that necessary any more. Change of plan for dinner ....


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