Day Six of the Plastic Challenge and we are on the home straight!

It's beginning to occur to us that striving to be as plastic free as possible really makes you part of a tiny minority, albeit a minority that is increasing all the time, but you really can be made to feel that you aren't half wise, when potentially it's one of the wisest and most logical decisions to make.

Lovely fish but no escape from the cling film covering.
Lovely fish but no escape from the cling film covering.

There's a massive industrial effort out there to give us as much throw-away material as possible when we purchase our essentials, and the vast majority of it is non recyclable plastic that will sit intact in the ground for hundreds of years! - and yet when you strive to reduce your own personal amount, most people don't seem to 'get it' and think you're quite strange!

Day Six took us back to Fiveways and on the menu was fish, chicken, tinned tuna, bread, fruit. Got some lovely smoked fish and managed to get it in an foil tray but it ended up covered with cling film so not plastic free. Fruit wise, loose bananas did the job. Rest of stuff straightforward.

We have discovered this week that it would be impossible for us to live plastic free. It is all encompassing, It is though possible to greatly reduce your waste levels, despite cashiers thinking it strange that you are arriving at checkout with loose vegetables etc. Perhaps if more people did it, there might just be a rethink on the part of the retailers.

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