The Plastic Challenge may be over but it has left it's mark on our shopping practices. We certainly would now be quicker to ask for non plastic wrapping when out shopping and try to limit packaging as much as possible.

It just occurred to us when we were shopping the other day that it doesn't really matter if the shop can facilitate you or not - it's the asking that will finally make the penny drop, that unnecessary plastic waste is well ... unnecessary! 

When I asked at the butchers counter in Supervalu, Hill Street for a non plastic wrap for my fish, the trying to be helpful assistant asked another member of staff, who then asked another member of staff before telling me they had nothing non plastic and gave me it in a oven ready plastic bag! I'm sure they thought, who is this lunatic, but I'm sure if enough 'lunatics' ask for non plastic packaging, things will change and quickly.

On a positive note two very welcome moves noticed recently. Fiveways now sell their loose fruit cheaper when you buy three of them or more (One of our bug bearers was loose fruit and veg being more expensive than packaged in every shop) Secondly, (may have been there before but only noticed the other day) - Paper bags hanging up in Philip's Veg Shop for you to put your loose veg into.

Two small gestures but very important ones. Here at we would love to hear from you about the shops that are trying to change their use of plastics. Spread the good news.

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