There are a wealth of old sayings from around the Newry area and the many little townlands that are scattered through counties Armagh and Down that are in danger of being lost forever. Lissummon, Tullyherron, Tullywhinney, Bavan, Kegal, Lisdrumchor, all would have had their unique ways of putting things!

Such sayings were said as a matter of course by our parents and grandparents, sayings that you no longer would hear in this modern 21st century super sophisticated world.

Do you remember the sayings of your parents and grandparents?
Do you remember the sayings of your parents and grandparents?

For example when a child would have exasperated a parent instead of "Go to Hell", in our house it was "Go to Blue Blazes" or the really multicultural "Go to Hong Kong"

Another one mum would have said was "Bad zest to your auld picture" an expression that I'm not sure of the meaning but it would have come out of frustration at perhaps not being able to get the thread in the needle or such like.

Another "If you're going GO!" for those hesitant types that might just not have made it to the shop before closing time.or the ever true "Pride comes before a fall" when inevitably something you did that pleased you so much ending up causing more trouble than it was worth.

Feel free to add your own family favourites from when you were growing up, and we might just get a list made up! If you'r not on Facebook email us them to

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