Newry based Re-Gen Robotics has invested £1.5 million in the last 12 Months in securing additional plant, helping it to expand the company's services.

An additional Zone 0, explosion proof, tank cleaning robot, an ADR certified jet/vac tanker and new auxiliary equipment have been purchased, in order to keep up with demand.

The firm, which is revolutionising safety in the oil tank cleaning industry with its remote controlled, ‘no man entry’ robots, has also recently recruited a new sales and marketing executive, as part of its ongoing expansion plans.

Two of Re-Gen Robotics Zone 0, explosion proof, tank cleaning robots and ADR certified jet/vac tankers.
Two of Re-Gen Robotics Zone 0, explosion proof, tank cleaning robots and ADR certified jet/vac tankers.

Fintan Duffy, Managing Director of Re-Gen Robotics said: “Following on from our initial £1.5 million investment to create two, Ex Zone 0 rated robots, our technology has continued to evolve at an incredible rate leading to a further £1.5 million investment in another robot and new auxiliary equipment, to expand our solutions further.

“The new equipment we have developed is based on evolving customer needs and demonstrates our commitment to improving our service offering. These include; An offset suction head to clean under water suction pipes, a 360-degree full coverage washing head, which allows faster turnaround times, an intelligent onboard truck telemetry system, to track waste and increased ATEX lighting for in-depth inspections in areas with difficult access.

“Over the last year we have had the pleasure of working with some of the oil majors, who are embracing our tank cleaning robots. They are committed to enhancing safety and productivity in their operations and will no longer commission manned crews to clean their tanks.

“And dreadful as this pandemic is, it has provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate how we can replace confined space crews. Since the entire cleaning operation only requires two crew members, one to control the robot and the other to operate the tanker in another zone, Covid-19 compliance is taken care off and work can carry on as normal.

“By sending our robots into dangerous confined spaces, they are not only eliminating the dangers and liabilities associated with confined space entry but are also saving time, money and reducing operational downtime for their tanks.”

Re-Gen’s robotic cleaning technology has become the industry differentiator in terms of safety, within less than a year of launching the company has lifted the Safety Technology Award at the 2020 Global Tank Storage Awards.
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