A very special Concert will be held in Warrenpoint Town Hall on Thursday 29 June 7 30pm with music embracing local cultures as well as songs from other countries .

The concert came from a project by Accolade Community Choirs called Tell me a story, I’ll sing you a song named after Colum Sand’s song Tell me a story.

It's the culmination of almost two year’s work by Accolade Choirs from Newry and Banbridge and the Accolade Orchestra,The musical director is Nikolay Ivanov and the project manager and conductor is Veselka Ivanova. Under the outstanding professionalism of Vessie and Nikolay, Accolade has grown since its inception in 2013 to include the two choirs, an orchestra and a Bulgarian dance troupe.

Colum Sands with Accolade Choir members.
Colum Sands with Accolade Choir members.

The project evolved when the choirs were learning new songs from the countries of some of their members, in Portuguese, Shona/ Zimbabwean, and Polish. Those members enriched the experience as they were able to tell about their culture, and feelings about being away from their original homeland. It became obvious that those living away from home shared similar feelings and experiences. Newry Accolade choir also had the joy of singing songs about their native County Down when at a festival in Prague last year. At night when groups of them sat outside restaurants and sang songs of Ireland, so many people came to join in singing, clapping and ask questions about our home place. It further convinced the choir of the universality of singing a song and telling a story.

Nikolay and Vessie discussed with Tommy, Colum, Ben Sands and Brendan Monaghan the possibility  of arranging some of their songs and music to be included in the project for the Accolade Choirs.  Nikolay was delighted with their enthusiastic response and started work straight away. Tommy Colum and Ben  have taken workshops with the choirs, singing their much loved songs and telling their own stories. The composers and guest artists have been sharing their experiences of travelling all over the world and how people responded to their songs of home and the simple things of life. Vineta Maksus  Sergey Ussenko and Nikolay who play in the Accolade Orchestra talked about people from Latvia, Russia, and Bulgaria who now live in Northern Ireland. What has become apparent through the project Tell me a story I’ll  sing you a song is the power of music and the telling of one’s story, to draw people from diverse cultures together, in a spirit of understanding and solidarity. The Arts Council of Northern Ireland are continuing to fund this project and Accolade are extremely grateful for this support.

On the night you will hear music from:

Accolade Newry Community Choir, Accolade Banbridge Community Choir, Accolade Community Chamber orchestra, Accolade Ukulele group, 

with  guests artists and soloists Tommy Sands, Colum Sands, Ben Sands, Brendan Monaghan, Vineta Maksus (Latvia), Nikolay Ivanov (Bulgaria). 

Also guests of the concert will be Rossinka Russian Speaking Community NI ladies choir. The programme will include 

Turn the corner (Colum Sands) with Orchestra and Banbridge Accolade Choir

County Down (Tommy Sands)  with Orchestra and Newry Accolade Choir

Hug (Ben Sands) Newry Accolade and Orchestra

Carlinghford Lough (Brendan Monaghan)

Songs from the The NI Russian Ladies Choir.

 Badu Manu (Latvia) Hubava si moia goro (Bulgaria)  Accolade Choirs

Admission at the door is £10. Concession: £7

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