New trial work at AFBI, Hillsborough shows that feeding a high level of Volac's  unique whey based functional protein, Imunopro, enhances calf performance.

Put simply , the more Imunopro there is in a finished milk formula the better the growth rate and health of calves.

This independent trial at AFBI, Hillsborough in Northern Ireland with 28 Holstein Friesian calves split into two equal  groups found that the growth performance  of calves fed milk formula with a low level of Imunopro was good.

 However,  growth rates were even better when calves were fed milk powder with a higher level of this valuable, functional dairy protein.

Dr Jessica Cooke
Dr Jessica Cooke

The whey faction of milk contains important bioactive components used to programme the calf to success. Volac produces Imunopro through a unique , low temperature ultra filtration and evaporation process.

 This process gently sifts out the valuable proteins, without denaturing them, plus oils and sugars that the calf needs  to form a highly digestible concentrated milk protein. This Volac calf milk powder has a final analysis of 35% protein, 5.5% oil and 48% sugar.

  Imunopro contains high levels of essential amino acids needed for calf growth and development such as lysine and leucine.

 It also contains concentrated levels of the important  immunoglobulins and lactoferrins needed for calf health and vitality. For example, lactoferrins play a key part in priming the calf's essential  defences against disease threats such as scours.

  Likewise Imunopro  benefits from having concentrated milk oil – at five times the level contained in standard whey or skim powders. Its sugars are similarly concentrated allowing this uniquely  processed, high value  nutritional  complex to encourage the development of a healthy population of bacteria in the young calf's gut.

 This exciting independent trial result from AFBI, Hillsborough verifies that feeding higher levels of this functional protein Imunopro will produce heavier, healthier calves at weaning. 77.7kg at day 56 on higher levels of Imunopro compared to 74.1kg with calves fed a low level. And this despite calves on the lower level of Imunopro starting the trial with a head start being, on average, 1.2kg heavier.

 For further details browse WWW.FEEDFORGROWTH.COM  or contact Volac NI business manager Alistair Sampson tel; 07860 626442 or e mail

by Dr Jessica Cooke, Volac research scientist

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