Dear Sir,

The UKs disability benefits system is failing those who need it the most, as well as costing us an unnecessary amount of money.

The UK Government is throwing millions of pounds away on an assessment process that is broken and their actions may have implications for benefits in Northern Ireland in the future.

PIP is meant to help manage the extra costs of a condition, but in fact a quarter of people with Parkinson’s are losing some, or all, of their award.

This is simply devastating.

That’s why Parkinson’s UK is calling on the UK Government to automatically move people with Parkinson’s on the highest rate of DLA to PIP, without the need for reassessment.

We are asking people affected by Parkinson’s in Northern Ireland to help support our benefits petition as actions in Westminster could affect future decisions on PIP in NI.

590 people from the Northern Ireland have already signed, I hope your readers will join us by signing it here:

Together we can help bring an end to a system that’s evidently not fit for purpose.

Yours faithfully,

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