The SDLP spokesperson for Irish Language Dominic Bradley MLA has described Gregory Campbell’s comments at the DUP conference at the weekend as beneath contempt.

Addressing the conference, Mr Campbell claimed he would treat an Irish Language Act as “no more than toilet paper”.

Mr Bradley said “It is highly disappointing that yet again Gregory Campbell would use a public forum to insult so many people.

“Gregory's so called joke wasn't funny last time and given that he was prevented from speaking in the Assembly Chamber as sanction, we might have hoped that Mr. Campbell would have taken the opportunity to reflect on the unnecessary hurt he caused. 

“Instead Gregory Campbell uses the platform of the DUP conference to not only repeat the insult but compound it by saying that he would treat a proposed Irish Language Act like toilet paper. Mr. Campbell may think that he is targeting Sinn Fein with these slurs but the Irish Language community is much wider and deeper than the membership of any one political party. Irish language speakers, those who aspire to speak Irish and all right minded people who respect the languages of others will be insulted and disappointed by Gregory Campbell's antics this weekend.

“Gregory Campbell's remarks are beneath contempt and reflect more on his own narrow minded mentality and his unwillingness to move forward.  Peter Robinson's attempt to trivialise these remarks clearly shows the tensions within the DUP. It remains to be seen if Mr Robinson has the remaining leadership clout to face them down.”

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