MLA Dominic Bradley has  renewed his call on those with information about the brutal murder of Paul Quinn, to bring it forward and end the suffering of the Quinn family. The MLA was speaking at this weekend's SDLP Conference in Armagh where he also paid tribute to the Quinn family's campaign for justice.

Members of the SDLP also paid tribute to the unrelenting and inspiring campaign for truth, justice and accountability mounted by Stephen and Breege Quinn following the murder of their son Paul in 2007.

Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn

“The dignity of the Quinn family in the face of unrelenting abuse, threats and intimidation has been absolute. Their struggle for the truth about what happened to Paul on that terrible night on October 2007 has stood in stark contrast to the cowards who beat him to death and the cowards who continue to deny them justice.

“Not only did the political establishment try to brush this murder under the carpet, they then embarked on a deliberate campaign to blacken the name of the Quinn family. They unforgivably portrayed Paul as a criminal when he was simply the victim of a barbaric attack based on uncontrollable egos within the IRA in South Armagh. Up to ten men in boiler suits took Paul to a barn in Monaghan and beat him with iron bars until he was dead for no reason other than to exert their control on this community. Shame on them and shame on those who protect them.

“It has been my honour as a public representative to support Breege and Stephen Quinn in their campaign. It is my profound regret that the circumstances of our work was as a result of the loss of Paul.

“I repeat the call today. Those with information on Paul’s murder – end your silence. End the secrecy, the pain and the heartache. The Quinn family deserve so much better and for as long as they continue their campaign, the SDLP and the people of Armagh will continue to support them.”

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