A Newry based company that has launches of their newest inflatable pub in Dublin, London and LA next month is at present on the lookout for a suitable Newry location for a launch as well!

Lisa McMahon Winters, who runs The Inflatable Pubs Global a Newry based company  has just completed a deal with TV studio, Twentieth Century Fox, which will see her company launch an inflatable version of the iconic Moe’s Tavern, from The Simpsons TV series. They are also looking in to importing the "Duff" beer that Homer is so fond of.

The company's range will include a commercial and residential version that can be used at home.

The inflatable Moes Tavern is coming to a place near you.
The inflatable Moes Tavern is coming to a place near you.

Lisa explained, ‘ It has taken about two years to get this across the line, we had to negotiate for a brand licence with Fox, and then we had to get the whole interior layout designed exactly like the bar in the show.

The best explanation of an inflatable pub is that it's like a marquee but far more creative and adventurous, with a number of different types of bespoke designs and sizes available and they are often used at weddings, public and corporate events. If you want, you can even ask the company to design and create a replica of your favourite watering hole.

‘Effectively it is like a blow up marquee, and made from the same material as a bouncy castle, but the interior will be an exact replica of the one in the Simpsons, we are even hoping to be able to import and provide Duff beer like Homer drinks."

Lisa lived in America for a number of years, and brought the whole inflatable idea back to Ireland, and although she can produce replicas of any bar you want, this one is by far her biggest project.

‘We have done an inflatable Queen Vic for an EastEnders fan, and we can do The Rovers Return from Coronation Street or McCoys from Fair City, or even the ‘local’ from back home for emigrants. Next on the list is the Nags Head from only Fools and Horses. 

‘We’re selling all over the world, and one of the most popular is the original Pub, The Mac and inflatable Wild West saloon , that is in big demand in the southern states of the USA.

‘When we get Moe’s on the market we will then be launching our retail version for more residential use, we are currently in negotiations the several multinational retail companies for this product, so if someone wants one that he can pump up on his kitchen table, have a party in, and then take it down and fold it away in the garage, we’ll be able to help."

Check out www.inflatable.pub for more information.

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