A London organisation dedicated to promoting life chances, learning and healthy living through canal-based and community activities that are stimulating, inclusive and accessible has launched a Crowdfunder page and Lorraine Fox who owned The Sandwich Barge that used to be moored down at Newry's Albert Basin is involved and has asked us to highlight their fundraiser to anyone with London connections or just anyone who would like to help.

Lorraine Fox
Lorraine Fox

The Pirate Castle is a boating and outdoor activities charity based in a unique, fully-accessible community centre on the Regent's Canal in the heart of Camden Town, London.

Lorraine who lives in London explains "I have been volunteering for over a decade now and they are the best water based charity in London. Tis the iron pumping through London's arteries of canals and rivers in leading us to the heart of its city"

Canoeing, kayaking and canal boating are core to their work and they strive to tackle disadvantage, challenge exclusion and support the more vulnerable members of their community through all that they do. Their raft of adventurous recreation, outdoor education and training initiatives improve health and wellbeing, nurture life and social skills and bring people together through active participation - regardless of their ability or personal circumstances.

Their work focuses on children, young people and SEND (special educational needs and disability) groups of all ages, both from the local borough of Camden and more widely across London.

The Crowdfunder page explains "Covid-19 slashed our income by almost £100,000 last year - almost half of our yearly costs. With income likely to take significant time to recover to pre-Covid levels (particularly hall hire, our main income source), we’re facing the biggest challenge of our 54-year history. We’re doing all we can to cut costs and keep afloat but we really need your help to make it through. Please throw us a lifeline!"

You can support at SAVE-THE-PIRATE-CASTLE

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