Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Party Group leaders have released a statement claiming inaccuracies in social media reports on yesterday's Albert Basin Task and Finish Group meeting.

The statement doesn't address the inclusion of options for housing and commercial development contained in the draft Albert Basin Consultation Survey discussed at the meeting. has asked the council for clarity on the housing inclusion and will publish their reply when received.

Statement in Full

A meeting of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Party Leaders was held today to discuss the meeting of Albert Basin Park Working Group which took place yesterday, Thursday 21 May 2020.

Party Leaders wish to condemn the recent inaccurate social media reports naming Council officials in relation to the Albert Basin Park development.  

Social media messaging suggesting that a proposal was made in relation to the Park are inaccurate.  

The meeting held, and discussion which took place, was in relation to the proposed public consultation process.  The consultation content has not been finalised and will be further considered and scrutinised.

Party Leaders discussed in early March the decision from the Strategy, Policy and Resource Committee meeting of 19 December 2019 to hold a public consultation and key stakeholder engagement.  The public consultation seeks to inform concept designs for a 15-Acre Park at the Albert Basin in Newry.  Party Leaders unanimously agreed that it is important the consultation process reflects Council policies and strategies and that it is completely open to all public views on what they wish to see in the Park. 

It has also been agreed by the Council that the consultation will be held across the Newry, Mourne and Down area.  

The meeting yesterday was intended to inform the working group that despite the current challenges of COVID-19 that the Council remains committed to progressing the project and that consultation would now be taking place using technology, which would be independently managed by the Council’s appointed consultants who were in attendance at the meeting. 

The Party Leaders are Cllr Charlie Casey, Cllr Patrick Brown, Cllr Pete Byrne, Cllr William Clarke, Cllr David Taylor and Cllr William Walker.

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