Due to falling cases of Covid-19 in the community the Southern Trust say they have been able to restore ward space in Daisy Hill Hospital that had been taken over for Covid-19 patients, back to normal use. 

Everyone though is still being asked to help keep the level of Covid-19 low and continue to stay safe by doing the basics, i.e. wash your hands, wear a face covering, stay two metres apart and follow the government guidance.

Statistics release for yesterday 10 March showed that apart from the Downe Hospital (zero Covid-19 beds)  Daisy Hill Hospital had the lowest number of Covid-19 occupied beds in NI, and around 30% of Daisy Hill Hospital's total beds were unoccupied.

Daisy Hill Hospital. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/
Daisy Hill Hospital. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/

A Southern Trust Spokesperson explained to "Thankfully, due to falling cases in our community, we are now seeing less hospital admissions for Covid-19. This has allowed us to restore some of the extra ward space taken over to accommodate Covid-19 patients at Daisy Hill during the third surge, back to normal use. 

"We do still have a remaining Covid ward and bed space throughout the hospital is being continually monitored and reviewed, depending on demand."

The Trust have thanked the local community for their ongoing support adding "the steady decline in cases and continued roll out of the vaccination offers hope and is giving our staff some much needed respite."

Covid-19 patients will continue to be treated at Daisy Hill if necessary and a Trust Spokesperson explained the need to continue to drive cases down “We need to keep driving transmission of Covid-19 down, to allow us to restore some of the many services that have been impacted by this pandemic.”

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