Dan Gebski interviews Jakub Zurawski

I would like to present Jakub Zurawski from Poland. He is a businessman who has a shop in Newry. He is a very positive person who has dreams and loads of passion. Let us try to get to know Jakub more and his life journey. 

Thank you, Jakub, for agreeing to take part in my project I do appreciate it very much.

DG: Can you tell me where in Poland are you from and how long have you been in Northern Ireland, especially Newry? Have you got any family?

JZ: I come from Łasin, a small town in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in the north of Poland. I came to Ireland, specifically Newry, in April 2007, I have lived here for almost 13 years. I have 3 wonderful children who also live in Newry

Dan Gebski with Jakub Zurawski
Dan Gebski with Jakub Zurawski

DG: What are you doing for a living and how come you are doing this?

JZ: I have been self-employed for almost 5 years transporting and selling mainly used furniture and, to a lesser extent, moving homes, offices, etc. ... It happened because during the first 8 years of my stay in Ireland I worked in a factory. I did not know English even at the basic level because during my school education I learned German and Russian. This work ceased to give me satisfaction, I thought a lot about what I could change, I had a lot of ideas, but I did not act much, but with one of them I decided to put into action and things happened rapidly.

DG: Was it hard to go as self-employed? And what were your biggest challenges at the start?

JZ: Of course, it was very difficult, living in a foreign country it is not easy to understand the nature of the market and the mentality of people. I was very lucky to meet people who helped me.

DG: What do you think about people in Newry? Also Do you think we Polish assimilate with the locals well?

JZ: I think the Irish are a very friendly people and the people from Newry are no different, they are very nice and friendly. Personally, I have never encountered any manifestations of racism or intolerance. I think that some part of the Polish society copes well with assimilation, however, there are also people who have a problem with it

DG: I know one of your passions is music. You do play drums? Can you tell me more about this hobby? Have you got any more passions apart from playing drums?

JZ: So, I have been playing drums for several years, I devote a lot of time and energy to it, the longer I do it, the more interesting it becomes. I think music is generally something very beautiful, I think everyone will agree that people's hearts are happy when good music is playing. By nature, I am very curious about new things, I had a few different hobbies, but unfortunately there is not enough time for everything.

DG: What is your number one dream in life?

JZ: I usually dream of such things for which I see real chances of their realization, now I dream about what I do, I develop so much that I could create jobs for other people

DG: Could you give little bit of advice to foreign nationals? What is best thing to do before they open their own business?

JZ: My advice to those who would like to run their own business is that should think about whether they really want it. There may be problems we didn't think of before, and reality often brutally corrects our earlier beliefs. When we work full-time remuneration is somehow guaranteed, but in the case of our own business there are no such guarantees, it may happen that we will work long hours without earning anything and we may even lose. In such situations, only passion and conviction that this is what we want to do allows us to survive these difficult moments

DG: Thank you Jakub for this great interview and I wish you all the best in your future and as for me you are absolutely a hero. Good health Dan

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