Halloween is our annual excuse to go full blown adventurous with costumes and make up, and the fun shouldn't all be left for the children! Witches, warlocks, clowns and demons will all be walking the streets of Newry tomorrow evening for All Hallows Eve!

No one enjoys this more than Paddy McGurgan and his team at the Make Up Pro Store in Hill Street, Newry and there's no better place to pick up some tips.

The team have been trained by some of the most amazing SFX artists in the world, including Predators SFX, Prosthetics Head Artist Christian Kotey and Make Up For Ever SFX Trainer Vincent De Monfried. These SFX experts have jetted across the globe, perfecting their mind-blowing skill and sharing their makeup magic in the process.

A scary makeover from Paddy McGurgan, just in time for Halloween!
A scary makeover from Paddy McGurgan, just in time for Halloween!

Make Up Pro Store's Halloween campaign this year has seen Paddy and his team create bloody and gorey SFX imagery as well as stunningly striking and colourful paintwork, with the recreation of a character or two.

“Halloween is the most exciting time of year in Make Up Pro Store, my team and I take so much pleasure in pushing the boundaries of what is expected and what our imagination can create. It is the one time of year that clients choose to opt for the experimental style of makeup that we love” says Paddy.

“What I love about combining creative makeup and Halloween is that you can give your imagination full freedom; there are no rules. If you wish to take your Halloween look to the next level, there are some key rules to remember, always ensure you are familiar with the products you are using, have all the right brushes and practise, practise, practise.

Happy Halloween - Just one of Paddy McGurgan's creations.
Happy Halloween - Just one of Paddy McGurgan's creations.

“With the looks we have created for Halloween, we have gone full throttle. Our Nun look is an interpretation of the character from the recent film release and the Voodoo Princess is synonymous with New Orleans’ ‘Day of the Dead’ festivities. My favourite is our Bewitched Beauty Queen, modelled by the reigning Miss Northern Ireland, Katherine Walker.

“Most people do tend to lean more towards the looks that are easier to create but Halloween is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and using the breadth of amazing make up you have available.

“So, my advice is be brave, and let your imagination run wild,” adds Paddy.

Here are some of Paddy’s top tips to get the perfect Halloween look that will terrify your friends:


When creating a Halloween look that is gore or glam theme, it is important to choose a paler foundation for your skin. This will give a haunting effect and will also make any detail added to the face more striking and contrasting.  This base will help any additional colours go on smoothly and stay in place long enough to get through a Halloween party or a long night of trick-or-treating.


Paddy McGurgan in Hill Street, Newry can get you all ready for Halloween.
Paddy McGurgan in Hill Street, Newry can get you all ready for Halloween.

For your eye makeup, blood/red tones on the eyes are perfect for Halloween. Going wild with your eyes can have a mesmerising effect – so think fake lashes, deep colours and use a black cream eyeshadow to add darkness and an eerie Halloween look! Take extra time applying makeup in this area and consider using temporary coloured contacts if they suit your costume. 


Adding blood to any look gives it an added eerie feel. You can simply use a few drops of blood from for example under the eye or from the corner to the mouth for an extra horror effect. To create a stitch like finish, get string and cut approx. 10 pieces into a 1cm piece each, spray or paint black using your black cream liner and using Spirit gum (a strong adhesive for the skin) place on the jawline.  


To make sure your makeup stays put all night, set it with a light dusting of face powder. If you don't want it to be noticeable, try translucent powder from your regular makeup stash.

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