Several new train services have been announced for Newry Railway Station commencing from July.

The changes are expected to cost approximately £200,000 per annum!

Highlights of the additional services include two additional week day trains will run to Belfast from Newry at 6.30am and 7.30am and a late night train back from Belfast after 10pm.

Newry Railway Station
Newry Railway Station

The extra trains were announced today by Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard following his recent review of train provision at Newry.

Mr Hazzard said “When I came into post just 8 months ago I was determined to invest in improving our rail infrastructure and accelerating the growth in passenger numbers right across our public transport systems. 

“I am delighted therefore to be able to announce some exciting new changes to our Newry service provision and I am confident that in the future further enhancements will follow as passenger numbers continue to grow and demand increases. 

“I have decided to introduce additional morning services to Belfast at 6.30am & 7.30am, and an additional evening return service to Newry from at 6.20pm. There will now also be a late evening service from Belfast to Newry at 10.10pm. 

"On a Saturday there will be an additional morning service from to Belfast at 7.45am and evening returns to Newry at 5.30pm and 10.10pm. 

“We have also discussed with Irish Rail the option of extending their 5.20pm Dublin/Dundalk service to Newry which would give an additional Dublin service to Newry at a peak time. I am very confident this service will be agreed in the weeks ahead. 

Mr Hazzard added “I want to thank Translink for their very engaging and constructive approach to this review and their ongoing commitment to meeting the increasing demand for Newry service provision."


Changes Announced - commencing July 2017 

Introduction of 6.30am & 7.30am weekday morning service from Newry to Belfast 

Introduction of an additional evening service at 6.20pm from Belfast to Newry 

Introduction of additional late night service Monday - Friday from Belfast to Newry at 10.15pm

Introduction of a Saturday morning service from Newry to Belfast at 7.45am 

Introduction of a Saturday evening service to from Belfast to Newry at 5.30pm 

Introduction of a Saturday night service from Belfast to Newry at 10.10pm 

Extension of 5.20pm weekday Dublin/Dundalk service to Newry - providing an additional Dublin service to Newry at peak time

As Translink make timetable changes for summer season the minister has said it is best to introduce new schedules at that point.


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