Newry, Mourne and Down, Councillor Mickey Larkin has described an assault where a cyclist was hit by a bottle thrown from a passing car at Anduff as a reckless criminal act,

"At about 10am on Sunday as a cyclist was approaching Anduff on the Silverbridge Road a car drew alongside him and a passenger struck the cyclist on the leg with a beer bottle”, said Cllr Larkin.

Cllr Mickey Larkin
Cllr Mickey Larkin

“The car then sped off with the occupants cheering and tossing glass bottles onto the road. Although shaken and injured, the cyclist maintained his balance and dignity.

“This was a reckless criminal assault upon a visitor to the area who was out enjoying an early morning cycle through South Armagh."

The councillor added “Their selfish and dangerous antics could have brought another tragedy to our rural roads. It is unacceptable behaviour and must be condemned.

“Throughout our District hundreds of cyclists take to the roads, especially at weekends. It is an increasingly popular sport and pastimewhich is improving the health of the local population and draws tourists from far and wide to enjoy South Armagh’s majestic scenery."

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