Removal of Christmas gifts from a grave at Cloughogue over the Christmas spell has been condemned by the aunt of the girl buried there who says the girls heartbroken mother is already in unbelievable pain without the additional stress caused by the incident.

Caitlin White
Caitlin White

Teenager Caitlin White died suddenly in Portadown in May this year aged just 15 and was buried in Cloughoge Cemetery.

Her mother Teresa had placed two Christmas ornaments on the grave in mid December but they were removed some time between 22 and 23 December.

Claire White commenting on Facebook said “It’s a bloody shame & disgrace that a mother can’t put a Christmas gift on her daughter’s grave on the first Christmas without her for some low life to go and steal both of the Christmas ornaments off her wee grave at Cloughoge cemetery.”

Claire continued “It’s nothing to do with the cost but that was my sisters way of saying happy Christmas and how much she’s missing her and how very hard it was for her to do so. My poor sister is heartbroken as it is living what no mother should have to live through I hope the person that took them never has to walk in her shoes or feel that unbelievable pain”

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