Lisdrumgullion Community Group in the Armagh Road region of Newry are looking forward to a colourful Spring after planting bulbs at Drumgullion Avenue. The group are also delighted that Newry Mourne and Down District Council are to respond to their appeals for repairs and future development at Lisgullion Play Park and adjoining playing field. 

Children planting bulbs in preparation for Spring.
Children planting bulbs in preparation for Spring.

The Community Group over the past year have embarked upon a Community Betterment Programme which encompasses environmental schemes such litter picks and road and entries cleansing. 

Also since last September in partnership with the Housing Executive the group are to witness very soon the planting of thirty new trees within their community. 

One of their group members Rosalind Crawley suggested in naming each tree after a local child to encourage Community ownership and inclusiveness in the project. 

Aislinn Campbell one of the Lisdrumgullion Community Group members who will be organising the Easter egg hunt
Aislinn Campbell one of the Lisdrumgullion Community Group members who will be organising the Easter egg hunt

In reciprocation working within Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions they overseen a children's bulb planting scheme 'Flowers of Hope' at Drumgullion Avenue. 

Group spokesman John McCabe continued "We have provided children's distraction fun events in the form of free treat stalls at Halloween and again at Christmas all funded out of our own pockets. 

Then during the summer after our fun day and Respect Project event working with Kerri Morrow DEA Coordinator we witnessed our initiative a Children's mural beside the Play Park come to fruition." 

Mr McCabe stated that their group have faced some obstacles but believes that publicly highlighting them is not always best practice as it only serves to give the desired effect sought by such negative forces. 

He continued "In remaining positive and wishing to fully utilise the Lisgullion playing field and to get remedial works carried out at the Multi Use Games Area we made representations to the Council and DEA. 

"We were very mindful and reminded in our correspondence that our council have already invested over the years a large amount of capital to its lands at Lisdrumgullion. 

"This includes the Play Park development, the creation and installation of the MUG's area as well as fencing along the main walkway and the disabled access. 

Getting the bulbs planted.
Getting the bulbs planted.

'However despite being initially told in December 2020 there were no monies in this years budget for any major capital works and if money was available it would have to be funded via the councils own revenue budget the Newry DEA Councillor's requested for the Councils Head of Outdoor Leisure to inspect the site with a view to see what they could do to improve the overall site and improve security." 

Mr. McCabe has revealed that an order has now been given to fix the fence in the corner of the playing field close to Lisgullion Park and adjacent to the Bishop's lands. The Council are also to repair the MUG's kick about goals and they are also going to erect soccer goal posts and balls stop fence and they are also going to repair or replace a netball board dislodged during strong winds. 

Mr. McCabe concluded "We welcome the recommendations and support of Councillor's from all political parties and none for their continued interest in maintaining and developing a region of the Armagh Road which was slowly slipping into a dark place.

An aerial view of Lisdrumgullion. Photograph: Colin Boyle
An aerial view of Lisdrumgullion. Photograph: Colin Boyle

"For our part the Lisdrumgullion Community Group over the spring and summer we will be making full use of the new facilities endeavouring to keep it an open place safe for all to play and use starting with an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Saturday." 

Photo credit Colin Boyle (aerial photo of Park and Field) 

* Photos Children at bulb planting 


*Aislinn Campbell one of the Lisdrumgullion Community Group members who will organising the Easter Egg Hunt. 

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