The Slieve Gullion DEA Forum would like to extend its thanks to all of the local volunteers and community associations who have helped in the collection and delivery of food parcels through the Council’s Community Coordination Hub distribution centres. Food parcels received from the Department for Communities were distributed from distribution centres at Newry, Down and Kilkeel Leisure Centres. 

Acknowledging the huge commitment by local communities, Slieve Gullion DEA Chairperson, Councillor Mickey Larkin said, “I wish to applaud and formally thank all the volunteers and community associations in the area for their hard work and commitment in helping to deliver the food parcel scheme over the last four months. During this difficult time, your sense of community spirit and drive have helped to provide an essential life line to many in the community.”

He continued, “The number of volunteers that helped to support the delivery of this scheme is a true testament to the incredible community spirit in Slieve Gullion. Every week volunteers from various community associations throughout the DEA area, collected and delivered these much-needed food parcels to those who were unable to access food.  Their time and energy in helping to deliver this scheme has been an invaluable resource, and again, on behalf of the Slieve Gullion DEA Forum, thank you to all for your hard work and commitment during this crisis.”

The effects of COVID-19 have been far reaching and impacted on the daily lives of many residents across the district. For the most vulnerable in the community it has had an even greater impact. Accessing food, medicine and basic supplies for those who were shielding, or had suddenly become unemployed as a result of the crisis became a key concern for many in the local community. The Council’s food parcel delivery scheme provided essential basic food and hygiene supplies to those most in need.

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