With Lukasz we know each other a very long time, we met in Newry 14 years ago. We come from the same city in Poland from Czestochowa. He is a father, husband and, above all, a solid employee. Let's look closer at our next Hero, Lukasz.

DG: Hello Lukasz I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you tell me how many years have you been in Northern Ireland and what are you currently doing?

LK: I am in Ireland 14 years, where I live with my family. And I currently deal with the repair of electronics, telephones and laptops. I do this all from my shop in Newry.

Lukasz Kuzniak with Dan Gebski, Zero to Hero
Lukasz Kuzniak with Dan Gebski, Zero to Hero

DG: Can you tell us where you come from in Poland and what made you emigrate and move abroad?

LK: I come from Czestochowa in Poland, I was encouraged to learn about something new and new adventure and that is the reason why I left.

DG: I know you run one of the best repair shops for telephones and laptops, in Newry. Tell me what prompted you to open such a business? Is it worth it?

LK: In the beginning, I treated it as a hobby and really repaired this equipment for fun but at some point I realized that this hobby can bring more profits than I thought at the beginning. After a few years I decided that It could keep my family and I turned my hobby into a business.

DG: You know, I admire people like you. I know that full-time work and additional business can be very stressful. How do you deal with all this?

LK: At the moment, I do not work on two jobs, I only keep my business. But in the beginning I worked for almost 4 years at the company and in my shop too. It was not easy because sometimes I spent 14 hours a day at work from Monday until Saturday, inclusive, it had an impact on the family.I didn’t see my wife and children we spent little time together. But thanks to the family and above all my beloved wife we survived those most terrible moments and in the end we managed to realize our dream was running our own business. I want to add that I would never have been able to open this business if it was not for the wife's support. She told me to follow my dreams and do what I love.

DG: What advice would you give to people from Poland who are thinking about opening a private business?

LK: My wife always repeats "A person who does not risk then does not drink champagne at the end". I think it's worth risking to achieve my goals. Sometimes it's not easy because you have to put a lot of work, money, sacrifice your family but the most important thing is to realize your dreams but the most important thing is to support relatives and friends.

  DG: Thank you very much for the meeting and I wish you health and happiness in your private and professional life.

LK:Thank you for picking me to take an part in this project.It is nice to be acknowledged by somebody for the work I do.also it is very important showing to public that people coming from different backgrounds and can really achieve their dreams, even they don’t really living in their countries.Thank you again!

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