Newry and Armagh Justin McNulty MLA has called for a multi-agency approach to tackling the ongoing issue of anti-social behaviour in parts of Newry City. It follows several incidents in recent weeks in Newry City.

Newry City. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/

Mr McNulty said, "Anti-social behaviour is a blight on many communities but recently it has escalated in parts of Newry and this has to be condemned outright.  Those involved are not representative of the areas where this is taking place and residents in these areas want it to stop and to stop immediately.

"This week’s antics have left a community angry with those involved and many residents in close proximity are now living in fear.  There can be no justification for these actions and then to draw the Police into the area and attack them for some sort of recreational activity is completely deplorable."

Justin McNulty.

The MLA added "I get it that young people are frustrated and fed up with restrictions. So are we all, but that is no excuse to get out there and get involved in some form of recreational anti-social behaviour.  Our communities have been through enough and this needs to stop.  One night’s fun or a rash moment could see someone end up with a criminal record and that tarnishes future career paths.

"I have already engaged with Senior Police Officers and have further engagement planned, but this is a bigger problem than just a policing issue.  It needs a multi-agency approach, from youth services in education right through to youth justice.  Those forces who claim to be the arbitrators of community justice should get off the pitch. Mob rule does not work.

"And young people must know of the consequences of their actions on their community, their neighbours and indeed on their own lives should they end up with a criminal record.  This has to stop and stop now."

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