A local Search and Rescue organisation have named a new boat after a young man who went missing in Warrenpoint on New Years Eve last year.

Tragically the body of John Paul Smyth from Keady was found by them on the fourth of January at Warrenpoint.

JP Smyth

K9 Search and Rescue NI are a professional all-volunteer canine Search and Rescue team who specialize in providing certified area search and Victim Recovery canines for coastal, urban, rural and disaster response in Northern Ireland.

The organisation have been given permission by JP's family to name their new search boat in memory of him.

Explaining the circumstances the spokesperson said "JP Smyth was a15 year old young man full of life. This time last year he was getting set to see it in with family and friends. Tragically before he could, JP was involved in an accident at Warrenpoint Harbour.

"JP was reported missing, and a large search took place. On the 4th of January, our team was tasked to search for JP using our specialist Search Dogs. Search Dog Max located JP a short time later, and his body was recovered by our team, Coastguards and local divers.

"We have been humbled to have been given permission from JP’s family to name our new search boat in loving memory of him."

Check out their Facebook page at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM

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