Thomas Irwin was certainly a busy man!

Frontier Sentinel 29th January 1916

The Funeral

The death of Mr. Thomas Irwin, Windsor Hill, Newry, Chairman of the Port and Harbour Trust, has evoked widespread regret, for his was a life the most admirable activity in the public weal and of complete unselfishness. The deceased gentleman, who had reached the age of 80 years, devoted himself with an ardour that transcends praise to the interests of the town of Newry, and everything calculated to assist it’s progress found in him a staunch friend and champion, while in the matters of religion and politics he was the personification of tolerance. He was chairman of the Newry, Keady, and Tynan Railway Company whose scheme unfortunately never reached fruition. The necessary Parliamentary powers were obtained, but the efforts to raise the necessary capital were not attended with success.

Frontier Sentinel

Deceased was one of the founders of the Newry Port and Harbour Trust, of which he was the chairman up to the time of his death. He was also Chairman of the Newry and Provincial Coal Company and of the Clanrye Steamship Company. He was one of the prominent members of the Irish Presbyterian Church, having been one of the convenors of the Twentieth Century Fund and for several years one of the convenors of Foreign Missions.

He leaves a widow and a sister with whom the greatest sympathy is felt. The funeral took place on last Saturday to Drumbanagher Churchyard. The funeral cortege was of large proportions, and embraced representatives of every section of the community. The employees of the Harbour Trust led the procession and they were followed by members of the Trust. The members of Session of Sandys Street Presbyterian Church, of which deceased was an elder, marched behind the chief mourners who were: - Messrs A. Harper, Divernagh, and W. Stranahan, J.P,, Castlewellan (brothers-in-law); George Connor, Dublin (nephew); H.A. Savage, R.N. Savage, W.J. Savage, and G.M. Savage (cousins); Rev. James Mulligan, Jerrettspass; Joseph A. Haire, Loughgilly; James Irwin and D Irwin, Drumbanagher (relatives)

A short service was held in the house prior to the removal of the remains, conducted by the Revs. W.G. Strahan and James Meeke. At the graveside the funeral obsequies were conducted by the Rev. Wm. McMordie, D.D., Kilkeel, and the Rev. W.G. Strahan, B.A.Newry.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr J.J. Mc…. by whom they were personally supervised.

In Sandys Street Presbyterian Church last Sunday a beautiful tribute to the deceased was paid by the clergy moan of the congregation, the Rev. W.G. Strahan, B.A.

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