Some unusual prizes at the 1916 Cathedral Bazaar!

Frontier Sentinel Saturday 21 October 1916

The work in connection with the Newry Cathedral Bazaar is now in full swing, and workers throughout the Diocese of Dromore and particularly in Newry are indefatigable in their efforts to promote the success of the undertaking. The two Newry Convents are veritable “hives of industry” and in all parts of the town ladies are actively pushing the sale of tickets in connection with the various stalls.

Frontier Sentinel

In connection with St Joseph’s Stall, the Rev, F.J. O’Hare, C.C., will deliver an interesting lecture entitled “From New York to San Francisco” on the night of the 13th November in the Town Hall. It will be illustrated by lantern slides, and there will be a fine concert programme also.

A Welsh pony is one of the prizes offered in connection with the Sacred Heart Stall. It is a valuable prize, presented by Messrs. King (?) Grinan, and the lucky winner will not grudge the few pence which the ticket cost. Miss Martin, Hill Street, has presented a beautiful gold Rosary to the same stall, and other prizes include a pound note (presented by Mrs. McKenna, Market Street); a box of cigarettes, five pounds of tea, and a sack of flour presented by Mrs. Doran, Hill Street; a beautiful doll, dressed in Irish costume, and seven pounds of tea.

A dance in connection with St. Joseph’s Stall will be held in St. Colman’s Hall on the 25th October, and another in the Hibernian Hall on the 1st November. This stall prizes, for which thickets have already been issued, include a pound note, a beautiful doll, a box of sweets, and a stone of sugar.

In connection with the Lady of Lourdes Stall there is , among other valuable prizes which will be raffled in the near future, a splendid silver watch, or its value, £5-

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