The Newry and Armagh Alliance Association have expressed their support for the Albert Basin Park Project in Newry. The Albert Basin Park Project seeks to develop a new 15 Acre City Park on the Albert Basin site which responds to the Health, Fitness and Well-Being of Newry's Citizens as well as to the Local Area's Education, Arts and a play area for Children.

Recently Newry, Mourne and Down District Council came under intense criticism following plans to build social housing on the site.

A spokesperson for the Association stated “We as an Association completely support the Albert Basin Park Project and its potential to open up many opportunities for tourism, culture and health and wellbeing for Newry City.

Any attempt by Newry, Mourne and Down District Council to build social housing on this site is misguided and goes against the wishes of the people of Newry. Thousands of people signed a petition to build a 15 acre City Centre Park at the Albert Basin Site with no mention of social housing and we must deliver what the people want.

Questions now must be asked of those Council’s officials who have sub sequentially done a U Turn and have for some unknown reason asked for social housing and commercial units to be included in such plans. The question we now must ask is....why?”

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