Wouldn't it be great to have a Chrismas Number One song in 2020 from Newry!

Stephen and Daniel McCoy
Danny, Stephen and Daniel McCoy get into the festive mood with a rendition of "I don't want to hear about Covid at Christmas time." 

Well if local musician Stephen McCoy has his way, that could well happen. Stephen has written his first Christmas song and he's asking everybody to listen to it and share, share, share - all with the aim of getting it into the charts. As Stephen says ""I'm a singer my whole life, I'm always trying to pursue music, so I'd love a bit of success"

The tune entitled 'I don't want to hear about Covid at Christmas time' is certainly the song for the time that's in it.

A member of the Band Replica, Stephen is accompanied on the track by another band member twin brother Daniel on guitar/ bass guitar. 

Stephen McCoy

The cheesy catchy song was recorded at Manor Park Studios Co Antrim and while a bit of a departure from Replica's usual classic rock it still has their pedigree very much to the fore. Unfortunately with current restrictions and social distancing it wasn't possible to get the entire band into a recording studio.

At a time when live musicians and their crew are basically out of work Stephen said "It's great to be working on music again, and thanks for all the support so far. Every like, subscribe and share is so important this day in age when it comes to supporting local music so I really do appreciate when all you lovely people engage with posts and keep spreading the word!"

You can help get the song noticed by sharing via your social media platforms and listening to it on Spotify, You Tube etc.

One supporter has already wittily suggested a follow up called "I don't want to hear about Brexit on Valentines Day"

See DISTROKID.COM where you can find links to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Shazam and Spotify

Listen to it on YouTube below and a video will be released in the next week.

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