Patricia Comiskey from Newry was awarded the £50 voucher as the winner of the Recycler of the Month competition for January.

Around a Pound sponsors the competition in partnership with Newry and Mourne District Council. The competition aims to encourage residents to use their recycling bins correctly and this month 

Paul McAlinden (Assistant Manager “Around a Pound”) Patricia Comiskey (Winner) and Tara Cunningham (Recycling Officer NMDC)
Paul McAlinden (Assistant Manager “Around a Pound”) Patricia Comiskey (Winner) and Tara Cunningham (Recycling Officer NMDC)

Patricia has been recycling for years and loves the convenience of the blue and brown recycling bins being collected from her doorstep. She said “I used to go to the recycling banks at the Mourne Country but now I can recycle such a wide variety from home, I rarely have to go to the Household Recycling Centre. I have 3 bins in my utility room and recycling has become 2nd nature to me. Although I sometimes have to remind other members of my family what goes where!” Patricia’s blue bin was full to the top and contained all the correct recyclable material including glass, newspapers and aerosols. 

Tom McCaughley, “Around a Pound” shop manager said, “We are happy to support recycling in the District and promise to have something to suit anyone who wins the voucher. Patricia has told me she is looking forward to shopping for her grandchildren and stocking up on gardening products for the springtime ahead.” 

The Recycling Officer checked 20 bins at random in Newry and was pleased to find that the majority of bins set out contained the right materials, however, householders are reminded that materials such as tissue, polystyrene, plastic wrap (crisp bags, plastic wrap on food packaging) and plastic bags cannot be recycled in the blue bin and should be placed into the black bin. Material placed in the blue bin should always be clean, dry and loose. 

For more information about recycling or the competition, please contact the Recycling Officer on (028) 30313233 or email

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