A  mobile app from locally run business Q-Kangaroo is supporting local businesses in a practical and powerful way with a 10% discount for people using the app this weekend.

Maya Cafe are one of the local eateries who use Q-Kangaroo. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/
Maya Cafe are one of the local eateries who use Q-Kangaroo. Photograph: Columba O'Hare/

 Q-KANGAROO allows you to order & pay ahead for Pick-Up and Delivery of your favourite local food & drink from local restaurants, cafes, takeaways, & so much more! They themselves are an Irish company who are dedicated to supporting local businesses in the hospitality sector during these tough times.

This weekend, they are offering all customers 10% off with code LOCAL10 to encourage them to support the local businesses in their area available on the Q-KANGAROO App! By ordering through Q-KANGAROO, you're doing the following for local businesses:

  • You save the store money if you order via Q-KANGAROO. Other apps charge them 2 or 3 times more for the exact same order!
  • The store pays no administration fee to Q-KANGAROO unlike other ordering apps!
  • You avoid a credit/debit card charge by using their unique wallet feature!
  • You save AND the store saves!
  • You keep the money within the local economy to support local business!
  • You are supporting a local business during a time that is difficult for everyone!

It might not seem like you're doing much but your support means the world to these businesses and Q-KANGAROO (who are also a local business)!

So get involved and #SupportLocal with Q-KANGAROO this weekend!


- The Velveteen Rabbit

- B&M Meats

- Mary Ellen's

- XOLO Burritos

- Maya Cafe

- Deli Lites

- The Shelbourne

- The Little Meat Co.

- Genoa Cafe

- Fire Street Pizza

- McCanns Traditional Fish & Chips 

- Sunshine Pizza 

- McCooeys

- Snaubs

- Eatalians 

- Milanos


- Deli Lites

- Genoa Cafe

- Friar Tucks

- Fulla Beans Cafe

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