September this year was the driest on record and gave us a glorious Indian Summer that kept Autumn at bay! That was until the morning of Friday 3rd October. As dawn broke, the heavens opened and deposited all of September's rain in one day. 

Rain doesn't dampen enthusiasm at Samaritan's Walk.
The Samaritan's Wal along the Towpath.

Much of that rain fell on the senior pupils at the Sacred Heart Grammar School and St Mary's High School, Newry. 

These young ladies were deposited by bus, early in the morning, at the canal bridge at Jerrettspass; many of them gratefully availed of the umbrellas being handed out by the stewards and then set out along the towpath and disappeared into the lashing rain, walking back towards Newry.

This was no idle stroll – these well-rinsed girls and their teachers were using it to arrange sponsorship to help fund the work of the local branch of Samaritans. 

They set off in a damp column; they could hardly have been wetter if they'd walked in the canal, rather than along its bank. Undaunted, they squelched into Newry just over an hour later, where Samaritan Volunteers and staff from Sainsburys of The Quays were on hand to refresh them with snacks and drinks. 

Samaritans are very grateful to these young ladies for their efforts, as the organisation is  entirely dependant on contributions from the public and is in urgent need of funds. This walk will have helped to raise some of the funding needed to keep the local branch going. 

Samaritans, who this year celebrated their 40th year in the area, are located at 19 St Coleman's Park, Newry and offer emotional support 24 hours a day. 

They are always available to receive your phone calls at 028 (048) 302 66366, or your emails at  if you need to talk, or your financial contributions, if you want to help.

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