Newry city Councillor Michael Savage has welcomed a move by the Council to install a Rapid Drugs Bin at the city's Leisure Centre.

Councillor Savage said: "Since I first came on to Council over two years ago I have been highlighting the need to take positive action to try to tackle the scourge of prescription and illicit drugs in circulation across our city.

"Part of that campaign has been to encourage the Council in conjunction with the PCSP to install a Rapid Drugs Disposal Bin at Newry Leisure Centre. This has not been an easy process and I congratulate all those involved in making this happen.

Cllr Michael Savage.

"We get significant footfall in NLC and this is the right location to encourage people to dump drugs without any questions being asked. It removes them from our streets and also provides an opportunity for the development of a well-being and health choices information programme.

"Adults, young people and parents of young people can now easily dispose of prescription or illicit drugs that they have in their possession or stumbled across. Hopefully they can also gain access to information on how to educate young people in particular on the damage drugs do to their bodies and mental state as well as guidance on how best to make healthier life choices.

"This is the second Rapid Drugs Bin in our city with the first one being installed some months ago at North Street Car Park.

"With this discreet disposal option now available at two locations in the city as well as other locations in the district, the challenge is now about developing an education programme that offers those trying to beat drug addiction and young people being tempted with drugs, a pathway to a healthier lifestyle."

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