Sinn Féin Newry & Armagh Assembly Election Candiates Cathal Boylan, Megan Fearon and Conor Murphy were supported by party leader Gerry Adams at the official launch of their campaigns in the Canal Court Hotel in Newry.

Those present heard President of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams TD  praise the work and dedication of the three outgoing MLAs but he warned that Sinn Féin in Newry & Armagh faced a stiff task to hold on to all three seats due to the fact that the constituency was now a "five seater" rather than the previous "six".

Gerry Adams, President, Sinn Féin with the three party candidates in Newry and Armagh Cathal Boylan, Megan Fearon and Conor Murphy.
Gerry Adams, President, Sinn Féin with the three party candidates in Newry and Armagh, Cathal Boylan, Megan Fearon and Conor Murphy.

"The odds are stacked against us we are told in particular by our political opponents and those pundits vehemently opposed to us. They quote the figures, the statistics and say that this constituency will loose either Meagan, Conor or Cathal as elected representatives. It is up to each and everyone to ensure to fight tooth and nail for every vote. We can and we will hold onto our three seats but it will take a mighty effort from you all. Why, what's the point you might ask? I'll tell you why, same rights & entitlements, equality & respect for all, thats why, and Megan, Cathal Boylan and Conor Murphy are committed to delivering those rights for each and every citizen"

The Sinn Féin President continued "What Sinn Féin wins in this election and any upcoming negotiations will be a win for all progressive elements in society. In this election we need to stand up for ourselves, our neighbours and communities.

"There can be no return to the status quo.This means that we are only interested in power sharing institutions if they deliver quality public services, investment and jobs for all of our citizens and which operate on the basis of equality, respect and integrity. The principles, values and the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement which is the foundation stone of the peace process must be honoured.The Good Friday Agreement and all subsequent political agreements must now be fully implemented – not renegotiated. We must defend the democratic mandate of the people to remain within the EU, through designated special status, which can secure the position of the entire island of Ireland within the European Union together"

He concluded "Sinn Fein is seeking in this election a stronger mandate to enter forthcoming political negotiations to defend your interests and put firmly the peoples social, economic and political interests first. What we win in this election and achieve in any negotiation is a win for everyone who considers themselves to be progressive and for the future success of this society."

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