Southern Trust medical and research staff, assisted by student doctors, have recruited hundreds of patients to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials as part of  international COVID-19 research.

A number of senior Trust Consultants have been leading COVID-19 studies prioritised by Chief Medical Officers of Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, examining the effects of the virus and possible treatments.

Speaking about the importance of trials Dr Peter Sharpe, Associate Medical Director Research and Development for the Southern Trust said “Observing and monitoring Covid-19 in our patients is absolutely vital in investigating the impact of this new virus on the body and developing effective treatments.

“In addition to providing such high quality care to patients, our staff have shown great enthusiasm for the clinical trials which will contribute to understanding Covid-19.

“We have a range of studies ongoing, for example; analysing how Covid-19 responds to particular drugs, Covid-19 in pregnancy, neonatal complications of the virus, immunity following previous infection and examining the causes of infection.

“We are absolutely delighted that the Southern Trust is making such a major contribution to the worldwide clinical research efforts around Covid-19.

“Thanks to the dedication of our staff and willingness of patients to participate in these clinical trials, we hope to improve survival rates and outcomes for those who develop Covid-19 into the future.”

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