Electronic speed detection signs are to be earmarked for Crieve Road in Newry to slow down speeding motorists in the area.
Newry Councillors Michael Savage and Gary Stokes met with residents on Saturday to discuss ongoing concerns about speeding on the road.

Councillor Michael Savage, who is a member of the PCSP, said he had requested that the Crieve Road be included in the second wave of SID signage that is envisaged later in the year and also requested that the PSNI’s Mobile SID trailer be brought to the area in the coming weeks to try and slow down motorists in the short term.

He said: “Both Cllr Stokes, Justin McNulty MLA and myself have written to Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon to highlight the dangers on this road and we hope to discuss this matter further in the coming days to work towards a long term solution.

“However there is an urgent need to try and change the culture of speeding on this road in the immediate term and that is why I have formally requested that the PCSP include Crieve Road as the next Newry location for electronic speed indicator detection signage (SID) and that the PSNI’s mobile SID unit is deployed to the area in the coming weeks. The first Newry location I have secured for SID signage in the city is at Cloughoge Primary School on the Chancellors Road and this will be followed by the Crieve Road as soon as the anticipated funding is made available. These are deliverable short term steps that can start the process of slowing motorists down and giving concerned residents some piece of mind.”

Local Crieve Road residents Jessica Phillips and Joan Carlin discuss speeding concerns with SDLP Cllrs Michael Savage and Gary Stokes.
Local Crieve Road residents Jessica Phillips and Joan Carlin discuss speeding concerns with SDLP Cllrs Michael Savage and Gary Stokes.

Cllr Gary Stokes said: “The longer term solution is to install a pedestrian footpath along the stretch where it is badly needed and install traffic calming measures and the SDLP team in Newry has raised this matter with the Minister and have raised it continually with previous Infrastructure Ministers from other parties.

“The problem is that for well over a decade now there has not been the budget to deliver widespread traffic calming measures on a large scale.

“When we met with DFI officials previously to seek these measures at this location when other parties held this Ministry we were told that they only had the budget to deliver two schemes per year in the whole of the Southern Division which stretches from Kilkeel to beyond Armagh.

“If all parties in the Executive believe in getting these schemes installed across the North then they need to ensure that the Department is adequately funded to deliver them. They are well aware of this and all parties need to lobby Finance Minister Conor Murphy to make the funding available.

“We will continue to lobby the Minister on the Crieve Road issue and work with residents, some of whom are prepared to discuss the use of parts of their property along the road to help deliver such a scheme, in the hope that the Executive makes funding available for this much needed safety measure.”

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