The Down Nose of Tralee is looking your vote with a place in the Nose of Tralee Finals the big prize. There are just 5 days left to vote and you can vote every day.

Bonnie Blue the friendly Rotweiler is entered in the Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2019, a fun competition to celebrate the love that people have for their animals. It allows Pet Owners to show off their pet’s unique talents. Maybe they can sing or dance or are just too cute not to show off.

Bonnie Blue the Down Nose of Tralee
Bonnie Blue the Down Nose of Tralee

Bonnie Blue known as Booga to her friends is a 7 month old graceful, elegant little lady who was so overcome with excitement at being named the 2019 Down Nose. She's a typical rottweiler, fun, brave, playful, loving, loyal and incredibly stubborn. She wants your vote to be the 2019 Nose of Tralee to show the fun friendly side of rottweilers that not everyone sees

Her day revolves around causing as much mayhem as possible, chewing non food items such as socks, shoes and stones, annoying her older Labrador brother George but also giving lots of kisses, cuddles and paw passing. She's a non stop bundle of love and fun who loves making new friends and showing how wonderful the rottweiler breed is!

As owner Lynne O'Hare from Rostrevor says "The competition is light hearted fun but I was hoping that as well as gathering votes it could also help change the often negative perception of the Rottweiler breed.

"Bonnie Blue is only 7 months old and already in her short life she has experienced much breed discrimination all because of her appearance. She is an excellent example of how wonderful the Rottweiler breed is, a strong, powerful, intelligent dog that has a massive heart wanting nothing more than to please their owner and some cuddles."

To vote for Bonnie Blue go to

You have to enter your email and confirm it to make sure you are a genuine voter and then you can vote once every 24hrs.

Lynne adds "It would mean the world to me and my little Booga if you would share her story" and how could we refuse...

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