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This weeks story is about Ramadan as not many people in Newry know much about it or it’s purpose!

Photo by Indonesia Bertauhid on Unsplash

 Ramadan is a month of worship and self improvement, Muslims are expected to put in more effort in practising Islam. You fast during this month from dawn until sunset. Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? Same as Catholics fasting during Lent… It’s to get closer to God through prayer and contemplation.

You also have to do charity during this month and you are supposed to give 2.5% of your money to the poor each year. Most people do it during Ramadan as it’s a holy month. Catholic’s cut out one certain thing in their diet while Muslims don’t eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset and then break their fast by dinner with their families so there is some similarities between the two.

You may think that not eating or drinking anything for that long is harmful for your body but in fact it is very good for you as your body becomes more energetic and your memory and concentration improves greatly at this stage. The organs are finished up their healing process and once all toxins are removed, the body is able to function at its maximum capacity and makes it stronger fighting diseases. In my opinion I think the reason God made this mandatory is because if he didn’t then no one would do it because who doesn’t like food.

In my family we pray during the whole year but during this month we pray more as it’s a month of worship. I also help mum cook and set up the table ready to have dinner at sunset.

It is more difficult to fast in Newry than it was back in Aleppo as not only is everyone eating and drinking around you while your fasting but Ramadan is around summer these past few years and the sun doesn’t set until 10:30 pm here while it set at 6 pm back there.

But I believe it’ll be worth it as our reward in the after life will be greater as it was harder for us.

Inas Abdulrazzaq - A Teenagers Perspective

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