Lockdown Living: Things I have learnt

  1. You can become addicted to Fruit Mentos
  2. If you Google “hints for jigsaws all one colour”, there are pages dedicated to the various styles and cuts of jigsaw pieces.
  3. I have become pathetic enough to do the above.
  4. Once you clean your house, that’s not it. You have to clean it again! It never stops!
  5. Teenagers instinctively know when an oven is heated to the right temperature and when exactly a pizza will be done.
  6. Once you start watching videos on Facebook, you can’t stop. It’s the internet equivalent of trying to get out of a Vegas casino.
  7. No matter how old you are, if you’re studying for something you can be distracted by anything. I cleaned my skirting boards the other day.
  8. Turns out, just sitting around and relaxing, doing nothing isn’t what I really wanted to do after all.
  9. There is nothing to watch on Netflix. Absolutely nothing. So we’ll just watch Father Ted. Again.
  10. Whatever you’re reading or watching at any time, a cat will sit down right in front of your face.
  11. Thank you baked potato.
  12. I cut my dog’s hair and now I think dog groomers should be classified as key workers.
  13. A latte in a café isn’t just a luxury item: It’s connection with the world. I long to sit in a café.
  14. Didn’t we buy a lot of rubbish when we thought we couldn’t do without it all.
  15. With no sport on, we’re watching marbles race and I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything as exciting.
  16. We’ve reached our chocolate limit. The teenager has told me to buy no more.
  17. The wee packets of chocolate chips that you buy when you think you’re going to make cookies make a delicious snack for when you have no chocolate.
  18. The birds are singing. It’s loud and it’s beautiful.

About the Author

Bronagh McAtasney is the creator of @NrnIrnGirl1981, real extracts of the diary of her 13 year old self. She is studying for a Master's in Public History, focussing on the unheard stories of women and has worked with the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland on projects looking at diaries and letters locked away in the archives.
She lives in Benagh with four cats, two dogs and a teenager.

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